Our Light Carpentry Repairs For Interiors

Light Carpentry Services
Light Carpentry Services

Light Carpentry Repairs

Light carpentry repairs refer to a variety of tasks involving the minor repair, replacement, and installation of wooden features inside or outside your house. The woodwork in your home can benefit from a fresh coat of paint. Refinish your woodwork and save time and money by calling our interior painting contractors. A professional painter can also remove and replace dry rotted wood on the exterior of your house.

Whether you need light carpentry repairs done on your Wheeling, IL house or you’re looking for residential painting services. There are a lot of light carpentry repairs that we will be happy to help you with your light carpentry problem, call the experts at A to Z Concept, Inc.

Interior Carpentry Repairs

Crown Molding

In architecture, crown molding is an ornamental trim between the tops of walls and ceilings. A small crack can be repaired with putty and caulk by our painting contractors. We can replace the damaged section with a new piece of molding if it is serious. 

Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen cabinet undergoes a lot of wear and tear every day. We can replace a cabinet door or drawer face if one of your cabinets has been burnt. Our professionals can also paint your kitchen cabinets or replace the hardware if you wish.

Stair Banisters

Staircases are narrow spaces used frequently by people. You can replace handrails, posts, or any other pieces that are chipped or otherwise damaged. Damages that are relatively small can often be repaired so they are barely noticeable.


Dirt, dust, and more can cause your baseboards to deteriorate over time, in addition to protecting your drywall. Among the services that our residential painters offer include patching holes, repairing cracks, painting, and more.

We proudly offer the following services in addition to those mentioned above:

  • · Bathroom cabinets
  • · Wainscoting
  • · Interior doors
  • · Vanities
  • · Drywall and plaster repair
  • · Refinishing bookshelves, handrails, thresholds, and other fine woodwork

Exterior Carpentry Repairs

Painting and Refinishing Entry Doors

Entry doors are one of the first things that visitors notice when they come to your home. They are also your first line of defense against harsh weather, bugs, and intruders. Give us a call if your entry door requires painting, refinishing, or any other sort of repair, including hardware upgrades.

Siding Repairs

Your home’s siding takes much punishment from the elements, and after a while, it can become damaged. Lakeside can fix any type of damage, including dry rot, cracks, holes, and more, with little to no effort on your part.

In addition, we also offer exterior carpentry services such as:

  • Facia repairs
  • Soffit repairs
  • Door and window frame repairs

Please contact us for a free and detailed estimate if your home needs indoor or outdoor and light carpentry repairs.